J. S. Bhat M.Sc., Ph.D.


Dr.J.S.Bhat had Ph.D. on “semiconductor nanostructures” from Karnatak University, Dharwad in 1993.He worked as Reader in Electronics in Karnatak University, Dharwad, between 1998 and 2004, and Professor of Physics (Electronics) from 2004 onwards. His areas of researchare Semiconducting Nanodevices, Metal Oxide Thin Films and Digital Signal Processing.He has published 52 research papers in refereed journals and conferences. He has guided 6 students for Ph.D. and 6 for M.Phil. degrees and several M.Sc. (Electronics) projects.

He visited Quantum Photonic Science Research Centre, Hanyang University, Seoul, South Korea during 2009 for collaborative research under INSA International Scientist Exchange programme. He also visited Paul Sabatier University, France in 2008. He has been the resource person for DST INSPIRE programme since 2010. He worked as Nodal Officer for interacting with NIC for the creation of data base software on RTI Act 2005. He was part of University administration as Registrar (Evaluation) of the examination section, Director for Information Technology andSpecial officer for computerization of various sections of the University. Being part of administration, he was instrumental in technically upgrading examination section,examination data processing, centralized admission to PG courses and central network facilities.

He was member of academic council of Karnatak University. He was member of committee constituted by UGCfor midterm evaluation as well as scrutinizing Major Research Projects during 2014. Member of UGC team for granting autonomous status to the degree colleges in Tamilnadu and Andrapradesh.He has visited several institutions as chairman/coordinator/member of NAAC peer team.

Ph.D. Thesis:

  • “Electrical and Optical Properties of Some Metal Oxide Thin Films”, K. I. Maddani (2005).
  • “Some Studies in Digital Signal Processing”, Vijaya C. (2007).).
  • “Electrical and Optical Properties of Some Metal Oxide Semiconductors”, A.S. Patil (2008).
  • “Some electronic properties of semiconducting nanostructures”, Reshma A Nesargi (2008).
  • “Some Applications of Time Frequency Analysis in Digital Signal Processing”, B.N. Jagadale (2011).
  • Growth and Characterisation of some metal oxide thin films for optoelectronic application, P.V. Raghavendra (2019)

M.Phil degree dissertations:

  • “Magneto- Transport Properties of Electronic Devices”, K.Manjanna (2001)
  • “Data Mining on Web”, Sharanabasavaraj B. Patil (2007)
  • “Parallel Telephone with Auto Secrecy using Microcontroller”, Gangadhar V. Muddapur, (2008)
  • “Control of Stepper Motor Using AT89C51 Microcontroller”, Sheela L. Patil (2008)
  • “4-Channel Industrial Safety and Control”, PetegoudaraSunita (2011)

M.Sc. Projects:

  • Function Generator using IC-741 (2004)
  • Wireless Stepper Motor Control (2006)
  • 8085- Based Relay Control Unit (2007)
  • Isolated Full Duplex RS-232CInterface for IBM PC (2008)
  • PWM Motor Speed Controller/DC light dimmer (2009)
  • Analysis of electromagnetic wave propagation in waveguides using MATLAB (2013)
  • Analysis of Radiation Patterns of Some Antennas using MATLAB programming (2014)
  • Circuit Analysis using MATLAB Simulink (2015)
  • Electronic Circuit Simulation using MATLAB Simulink (2016)
  • Synthesis and Characterization of Ca Doped ZnO Thin Films (2017)
  • Study of Magnetic Properties of Some Materials (2018)