Department of Applied Sciences & Humanities

The department of applied science and humanities was established to impart basic knowledge in Engineering Physics, Engineering Mathematics, Business Management and other essential subjects in humanities. The department is poised to conduct frontline research in Physics and Mathematics. The curriculum is developed by incorporating courses on materials science, nanotechnology and mathematical concepts. These courses are helpful in understanding engineering subjects in both electronics and computer science. The knowledge in applied sciences sets the foundation for better understanding of engineering, particularly the state-of-the-art subjects such as nanotechnology, nano electronic devices, VLSI, data science, machine learning, Internet of things and artificial intelligence. Also, the department offers courses on Indian Constitution, Yoga Practice, Economics & Business Management, Innovation & Entrepreneurship to help the students with corporate, social and ethical practices, making them meaningful contributors of technology to the society.

The student startup and innovation policy of the Institute is implemented successfully to inculcate innovation and entrepreneurial thinking amongst the students. The department is leading in the research activities, and faculty members are visiting various scientific activities in India and abroad.