Institute's Vision, Mission, and Objectives


To develop a globally competitive Centre of Excellence in the field of Computer Science and Technology to inspire the younger generation of Engineers to realize the 'Make in India' dream a reality.


Imparting preeminent knowledge in the field of Information Technology to younger generations so that they can serve the Society and Nation through evolving excellence in technology and innovations.


  • Enrich the upcoming young engineers with contemporary knowledge of Computer Science and Engineering and Electronics and Communication Engineering.
  • Evolve seamless acquaintance in various technical fields through innovation and research.
  • Cultivate the effective communication skill for establishing upbeat interaction to inspire leadership qualities in young Engineers.
  • Setting up excellent facility and create environment for advanced studies in Science and Technology for fostering the innovative ideas linked with globally competitive areas of research.
  • Nurture lifelong learning practices, ethical and human values in youngsters.
  • Conduct campus outreach programmes for facilitating solutions to practical problems in small scale industries and other occupations including agricultur.